My Portfolio

Short description: A sample blog post for a cleaning company which talks about solutions for keeping spiders out of your home (UK).

Date of completion: 15.11.2022

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Short description: I wrote a review of the Havening Technique in exchange for a session. I posted the results and my honest review on my Medium blog.

Short description: The brief was to write a short-form article on the topic of climate change.

Short description: As a freelance writer, I have a long-standing working relationship with a creative agency. Within this, I have written content for websites and marketing materials, worked on branding projects, and proofread and edited documents.

Short description: I was tasked with helping write the technical documentation for proprietary software. The document was written to their specifications.

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Short description: My Medium blog. I mostly talk about freelancing and mental wellness.

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Short description: My blog site for reviewing TV shows and films

Short description: A spec LinkedIn post